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Curious about getting cash offers for your house? Our Express Offers program helps homeowners move on their terms. We do this by getting you verified cash offers on your property within two business days.

It’s easy to get started by answering a few questions about your house. If you decide to move forward, you pick the best deal and the closing date. That's it!

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How Express Offers Works

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We're seasoned real estate brokers that know what questions to ask and how to highlight the unique features of your property that get you the best offer possible.

Get Cash Offers

We shop your property to our verified cash buyers and present you with all of the cash offers within two business days. When CASH buyers compete you can win!


Plan your move, not your showings. Accept an offer and timeline that works for you, schedule your closing and moving dates, and collect your money.

Instant Cash Offers: We shop your property to our proprietary list of cash buyers, institutional investors, and well-known companies like Opendoor, Offerpad and Zillow.

Selling 2.0 - Everything You Want, Nothing You Don't...

  • Express Offers is a free, no pressure service. You have no obligation to accept offers presented to you.
  • Compare cash offers side-by-side vs. how much your home would likely sell for in the current market when listed by an agent. Make an educated decision on what’s best for you.
  • Skip the prep-work, repairs, and planning needed to get your property ready to sell. 
  • Hassle-Free Selling: Sell your house without listing, showings, and potentially months of uncertainty.
  • Get offers for your house from verified cash buyers that buy based on investment, not emotions.
  • Benefit from quick, reasonable buyer inspections.
  • Enjoy a predictable closing date and transparent fees, so you can move on your terms.
  • Licensed real estate broker oversight.

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"With three kids and a dog, we were able to focus on moving instead of selling. What a blessing. Even if we were still newlyweds, I couldn't image selling a home any other way." - Rita Tobias

Why Get Cash Offers For My House?

We all know cash buyers have played a BIG role in real estate for years. So there's nothing new and exciting about that. In fact, most people have negative feelings about cash buyers. That's because until now most cash buyers have been wholesalers or flippers. These buyers typically look for distressed houses and anyone willing to take at least 20% less than their house is worth. They usually do a few deals per year and are looking to score large paydays from each sale they make.

What we realized is there's a significant number of cash buyers willing to pay much closer to fair a market value for houses, but there simply wasn't a process to match them with the right sellers and make the NUMBERS work for everyone.

For decades the entire market has been focused on SELLING when the most important area that needed fixing is BUYING. So we simply flipped the entire real estate model on its head and focused on doing real estate sales in reverse.

...And that's how our partnership with eXp Realty's Express Offers was born and the mission of simplifying the real estate process (again). Now with the help of our nationwide Express Offers program, property owners get the benefits of a seasoned real estate broker plus the advantage of a stress-free sale on their timeline.

We like to say, "Everybody loves to BUY, nobody likes to SELL or be SOLD. But when CASH buyers compete we can ALL win."

With that said, this option typically only works for about 10% of our clients.

​​As much as we want to sell and move on our terms, the numbers may tell us otherwise. That's why we also provide our clients with a free 'Go To Market' valuation so they can compare cash offers side-by-side vs. how much your home would likely sell for in the current market when listed on the open market by an agent. This way they make an educated decision on what’s best for their unique situation.





About Us

Once again, the team at Buyoneer is revolutionizing how people move.

Husband and wife duo Tonya and Travis John have been in real estate for 15 years, and like the Farmers Insurance commercial sums up so well -- "we’ve seen things," the couple says with a smile.

We've seen and done lots of things over the years — giving us a deep understanding of market conditions and trends...

...From building custom houses, selling and renting several hundred others, to helping Florida families get out of more than 50 million dollars of negative equity through our short sale programs, receiving Platinum awards from RE/MAX, running First American and Fidelity title and escrow companies, and even writing books to help celebrities and public figures sell their properties without getting hounded by paparazzi.

In 2019, we joined the most Realtor-centric mission on the planet, and the most concerned about the well-being of our world. As the first nationally recognized cloud-based real estate brokerage, low carbon footprint companies, like eXp Realty that drastically reduces overhead and capital expenses are the future. These days everyone is trying to reinvent real estate without Realtors, eXp is reinventing it for Realtors with unique programs like Express Offers and 50% of every company dollar goes back to its agents.

So YES! We've seen a few things, and more importantly, we've done a lot of things to make an impact in real estate and our community. These experiences are what's helped us realize the tremendous opportunity to be 'market makers' and pull together all of the CASH buyers in ONE place.

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1.15 Houses Sell Every Minute In The U.S. And About 25% Are CASH.
- National Assoc. Of Realtors

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Together we can Empower a Generation of Kids.

Kristen Bell from The Good Place shows her support for CMNH.

Since 2006, we have partnered with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to help children receive the healthcare they deserve.

For every sale our team makes, we donate a percentage of the transaction to help kids afford life-saving treatments.

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